Our extensive manufacturing and testing facility is available for all your pump servicing requirements - Strip & Report, Spare Parts Supply, Problem Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Refurbishment and Warranty work. Work can be scheduled to fit in with customer shut-down times.

Performance Testing

Our Adlington test facility is now the country’s largest independent pump testing and pump performance development facility.

We carry out a full range of performance testing options from the testing of our own PATS’ manufactured pumps to independent sub-contract performance testing and research & development testing of many major pump manufacturer’s pumps.

Reverse Engineering

Replacement parts for original pumps are often discontinued or no longer available.
Reverse engineering by PATS can help avoid unnecessary capital expenditure on new pumps.

Our fast turnarounds can also help in situations where lead times for OEM parts are too long – leading to equipment downtime.

Pump Overhaul

Pumping and Technical Services has over 40 years’ experience when it comes to the repairing of pumps.

Due to the wide variety of pumps that PATS custom build and test we have the expertise to overhaul almost any pump, from the smallest air operated diaphragm pump right up to utility company pumping stations.