Mag Drive Pumps

6686 : 80-50-250 CL MD

Supporting British Chemical Industry

Concentrated hydrochloric acid service, proving a difficult application for the client, with three strict duty requirements for the process combined with a restriction on the shut off pressure of the pump.

PATS bespoke design of two mag drive pumps, fully PTFE lined, epoxy coated baseplates met client requirements on performance test.

Proven design with client witnessed, performance tests and successful installation of two pump sets. This valued client has now placed an order for a third pump.

All pumps are tested using our in-house test facilities. Witness testing available for client and/or third party inspectors. Fully documented test results complete with performance curves available.

If you would like to talk to an experienced pump engineer about a particularly difficult duty then call us on +44 1625 842598 or email its what we’re here for.