Specialist Molten Plastic Pump

Unique design features were used to manufacture a bespoke ATEX Zone 1 Pump for a hot application within a new recycling plant.

This specialised unit, designed and manufactured in-house, incorporated tailor made features for this application. Such features included: recessed impeller arrangement, vertical arrangement for external tank mounting and Hastelloy C Tolerance Rings with Silicon Carbide Bush/Sleeve arrangement for high temperature shaft support at the mechanical seal to an absolute minimum. PATS undertook extensive hot testing to prove reliability of operation over the entire temperature range.

The pump was the main process pump. Used to transfer molten waxes from the plastic recycling process to the next stage of refinement.  The fluid was exceptionally challenging in this situation due to its repolymerisation properties and solids content. The unit had to be capable of being kept at high temperatures throughout the entire process.

This had major implications for the pump selection which was not only required to meet the high design temperatures but also employ features to mitigate cold spots forming and protection against any clogging of the fluid.

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